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  • 9 janv. 2018 03:16:51

    Save This!



    #playtime #newgirl 

  • 9 janv. 2018 00:21:35

    First Day Review and NEW schedule

    I popped online for a bit the other day and had a fun time meeting a few of you!!

    I was nervous but it seems to be a similar cam platform to what Im used to so I caught on quickly engel


    I want to set a solid schedule tho at least to try out and see what its like ~

    those of you fans that just signed up with me, as you can tell its a little bit different from sites like MFC and such but its better in the sense of no more noah getting mad at a room of freeloaders! NOW we can finally just have fun  #deathtofreechat 



    USA (eastern time) - 1pm-3pm // midnight-3am

    Canada (Vancouver) - 10am-1pm // 9am-Noon

    UK (London) - 6pm-9pm // 5am-8am

    Italy (Naples) - 7pm-10pm // 6am-9am

    Germany (Frankfurt) - 7pm-10pm // 6am-9am

    Romania (Bucharest)- 8pm-11pm // 7am-10am

    **these are the TOP 6 places the majority of you guys come from so if I left any country out this is why**

    **also follow me on social media to get a more accurate view on my lifes happenings @noahbensi (twitter and instagram)**


    Ill try to make it online everyday until the 20th of Jan. then Im off to the AVNs ~ currently my main focus is content so when I leave for the week you guys can still play with me !

    See you Later



  • 6 janv. 2018 04:38:06


    Dad is gone!! he ended up staying an extra day because of the snow ~

    this gave me time tho to explore the site a bit more and get that new content i promised up!

    SO when apporved my NEW video "Pink Glass" will be for sale along with its photoset & i decided as a present to YOU since this is my first video that if you buy both ill also give you my snpachat for the year (no extra charge) 

    ~ Ill be Live tomrrow for the first time so please follow me on twitter @noahbensi to know exactly when and what we will be doing xoxox


    - Love You

  • 4 janv. 2018 07:47:26

    change of plans...

    SO, my father popped in for a visit and ive been cooped up in my house ever since!!

    thankfully he is leaving on the 5th and ill finally be able to play with you guys on here !!! 

    im so excited to start its not fair!

      ~ if you have snapchat i can sell you a premium membership for 6000DC i also do shows on there and take a ton of pics, mostly you can stay updated on important info like when im live and when i posted a new video ;) 


    see you soon,


  • 1 janv. 2018 06:53:22

    First Day of Cam

    Hello My Sweet Lovelies xo


    Today is a very special day for us! NOT only because its the first day of the year but its also my first day with YOU!

    Im Happy to announce that I will be exclusive to MDH for the whole year of 2018 (&hopefully longer!) We are going to have such a good time getting to know eachother ;)

    ***My Only Rules Are; Be Kind, Be Generous & Dont Be Shy

    My First Day of LIVE chat will be either Wednesday or Thursday of this week (but ill keep you posted) In the mean time please favorite me xo

    Cant wait to start officially ! See YOU this Week!engel