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I have made some very nice friends on MDH. Friends come and friends go, it happens every day in life. But a few stay with you all of the way. One friend in particular, who I shall refer to as 'B' has been with me almost from the start. He has asked me so many times to Jerk a guy off with my Feet, that I have simply lost count. Yet, he has never grown impatient of waiting for what he would like to see. So my Foot Bitch Video series will be entirely devoted to 'B' and of course Jerking guys off with my Feet. A whole series of Sperm Drenched, Creamy Feet. Now, before I get my feet all glued up ! can I possibly tempt anyone with my absurdly Tiny Feet ? Too small for Adult Fitting Shoes, just like the rest of me, Impossibly Tiny.

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  • Waldstein

    23 oct. 2011 16:35:05

    show longer your nice legs..and zoom out..
    your name is not so important in the video..
    a wonderful girl..


    Réponse de DirtyZuZa

    26 oct. 2011 15:38:33

    Thank you Waldstein for leaving me your very nice comment and compliment about my legs, What legs ? I don't have any legs :))) Unfortunately for most normal viewers such as yourself the name can be a little boring. However, many of these videos are stolen and placed on other websites and so your name is very important. I am sorry about this part, it is always the few that spoil everything for the many. Hope to hear from you again soon. Love ZuZa XXX

  • Burghard

    9 sept. 2011 07:50:58

    I love these little, sexy feet and toes!!!!

    Réponse de DirtyZuZa

    10 sept. 2011 15:09:46

    My Dearest BURGHARD you have been visiting my page for so long and you have waited so patiently and such a long time. Never once a grumble, Never once a complaint. You are such a patient man. BINGO I'm going to have my feet squirted on all creamy and sticky, then I'll play with it all for you. Thank you so much for being sooooo patient with me. You are a lovely man. I truly hope you enjoy. Lots of Love ZuZa XXX

  • heiko13

    8 sept. 2011 19:16:39

    sweet girl with perfect feet!!!!!

    Réponse de DirtyZuZa

    10 sept. 2011 15:07:05

    Vielen Dank HEIKO13 für Ihre schöne Kompliment über meine Füße. Ich hoffe, sie sind nicht zu klein für Sie:)) Hoffnung, von Ihnen bald zu hören. Lots of Love Zuza XXX

  • mabejo60

    8 sept. 2011 19:11:37

    Wie gern würde ich diese Zehen lutschen und liebkosen. Da läuft mir regelrecht das Wasser im Mund zusammen. Diese Göttin ist absolut phantastisch und einmalig. Sowas zierliches und supergeiles - der Hammer.

    Maximale Punktzahl - was sonst!!!

    Réponse de DirtyZuZa

    10 sept. 2011 15:05:28

    Open Wide MABEJO60 meine Füße sind klein genug, um einen ganzen Fuß in den Mund zu bekommen! Ich würde gerne Sie saugte an meinen Füßen. Es passieren sollte. Vielen Dank noch einmal. Lots of Love Zuza XXX

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