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I love Smoking Fetish vidoes and have for so long shared none left, but that is changing with this video. Lucy cat and I love it with the fantasies of men to play and smoke may be flat so damn sexy. We have super sexy leather black & red silk in Agent Porvocateur underwear, louboutin 160despressi with special metal 16cm heel and very open to see lucy beautifull feet, and me red lackleder sandals that look also hot as hell. high heels dressed and placed in the glass bath to DIR BREATH TO RAPE. Of course, hot kisses and a little verührerische views may not be missing. To be honest, that has become one of my hottest videos without hardcore scene. You'll love this video! and the view on our wet asses is just fabulous!

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  • ninni59

    17 juin 2016 14:58:42

    This is so sensational - its erotic as its best,
    Since many years I am a great fan of lucy-cat and offcourse a fan of julie skyhigh.
    But even better than both of you is to see such a sensitive, lovely, erotic scene with you two as a so nice teasing team... all in this sequence is phantastic...:
    outfits - heels (!!!) - movings - the smoke and naturally your both lovely smiling faces.

    GREAT - thanks for giving a man like me the possibility to have a look at these two ladies ... I have respect for what you both do in porn - everything is nice: if its anal, vaginal, cumshot, gangbang, leather, high-heels, boots, public, teasing, being slaves or being dommes....

    the cinema in my head - my fantasies while I'm thinking on you and lucy - heavenly!!!

    Thanks from a very great fan of both of you

    Henning from Hamburg/Germany

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