À propos de moi

My name is Julie, I’m a 23yo girl from Belgium.I’m walking with high heels everyday and during all day and night! it’s my passion!i simply can’t walk without high heels!!!So, I’m sharing my passion with you here.Come here very often to follow me in my everyday life! I love all things about sex, and I think that I have to try everything, just to know if I like or not !!In my store, you will be the witness of my sexual quest!Here you will find a lot of unpublished videos of me living my everyday life always dressed with very sexy outfits, with high quality lingerie and great designers high heels.

Plus à propos de julieskyhigh

Quel genre de personnes souhaitez-vous rencontrer?
All ****, no particular preference. I think all class of people and all style are interesting to know as long as they are respectfull to woman and vice-versa. And of course, honest person, not trying to present like someone they aren't. I like people who are just natural and simple. and that can have fun! I love to laugh, and make laughing!
Quels sont vos loisirs ?
keeping my body fit by dancing/fitness/gym-classes surfing and buying new sexy clothes on the web porn & movies holidays, looking for new places etc. sciences
Quel genre de musique aimez-vous?
I love much the 80' from different type of music, some quiet music too and of course some good r&b music when it's about to dance when I go out!
Avez-vous déjà rencontré en personne quelqu'un que vous souhaitez connaitre en ligne ?
no :(
Si vous aviez trois voeux, que souhaiteriez-vous ?
making lot of money, to buy all the sexy heels & boots I want Doing worldwide trip, visit all paradise-island I have so many wishes it's difficult to choose one more...
Quelles sont les trois choses les plus importantes dans votre vie ?
My camera, my family & friends, and my heels & boots (in fact all my wardrobe)
À quelle fréquence visitez-vous le site ?
I heard many time about it, looked at it, but never thought to subscribe to make other horny! I usually do this in the street ... but I thought it was a good idea instead of watching videos and masturbate on it ... make other masturbate on me
Où est votre endroit préféré pour avoir des relations sexuelles ?
everywhere ...
Votre position sexuelle préférée ?
doggy doggy doggy
Quelle a été votre expérience sexuelle la plus extraordinaire ?
In a carparking in paris, knowing their were cameras looking probably ... fucked behind the car. And hooking in the street, even if It was just a few seconds ... just the idea to get fucked by an unknown man .
Quels jouets sexuels aimez-vous ?
all, as long as they vibrates hard enough
Quelle est votre sextoy préféré ?
Fairy - vibro and plug when I walk around outdoor
Qu'est-ce qui vous excite le plus sur un homme ?
his ass-cheeks and eyes
Avez-vous un fantasme sexuel vraiment chaud que vous aimeriez tester dans la vrai vie ?
all depend with who... things just realize when it's good moment, good place, and good person for it . difficult to predict!
Quel type d'homme que vous aimez?
mature around 40 is perfect age :) but sometimes a young innocent is exciting to pervert ...=)
A quelle fréquence avez-vous besoin de sexe ?
2 times a day! :) never diet! :)
La taille du pénis est-elle importante pour vous ?
No, the more the best!
Avez-vous un objet fétiche ?
yes sure, for everything that is feminine and sexy : high heels, boots, thigh high boots, leather, lingerie , nylons ! they are all exciting to wear and to be watched in it!